Special Highlights

This page provides up-to-date information on our workshops, plenary speakers, pre-Conference sessions, as well as special offers available to Conference attendees.

 Book Sales and Author Signings


Looking for a great read?  Grab one of these impactful and influential bestsellers at the Conference and get it signed by the author!


Michael Moss - Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us   
Marion Nestle - Why Calories Count: From Science to Politics  
Marion Nestle - What to Eat  Retail 


These titles will be priced at a special conference price of 20% below retail. You can purchase your copy at the registration table and outside the Grand Ballroom. Keynote speakers/authors Michael Moss and Marion Nestle will be available for book signings immediately after their scheduled presentations.


Film Screening: Weight of the Nation for Kids


Conference attendees are invited to attend a screening of Weight of the Nation for Kids - The Great Cafeteria Takeover on Wednesday, June 19th at 5:15 -6:00 p.m.  


This documentary film follows a group of New Orleans kids - dubbed the Rethinkers - who set out to make a difference in their community. With a focus on changing their school lunch menus, the Rethinkers surveyed students at schools in their community and issued annual report cards to attract media coverage and capture the attention of decision-makers. The kids held the school officials' feet to the fire and finally arrived at a specific agreement to serve fresh, locally produced food at least two times a week.


Show information will be listed in the Conference program guide, which will be provided at the Conference. For more on the Weight of the Nation films, please visit http://theweightofthenation.hbo.com


Spanish Interpreters Available

Two Spanish language interpreters are available June 18–19. To request an interpreter, go to the CEU desk in the Registration area.

Keynote Updates

Keynote Speaker: Michael Moss


We are very excited to announce Michael Moss as our Opening Plenary Keynote Speaker! 

Moss is a Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times investigative journalist known for his provocative and award-winning exposés.  He won the 2010 Pulitzer Prize in Explanatory Reporting for his investigation of the dangers of contaminated meat and the troubling holes in Federal food safety regulations.

In his newest book Salt Sugar Fat - How the Food Giants Hooked Us, Moss, through his extensive research and access to confidential information, reveals the processed food industry's powerful reach and their culpability in creating America's obesity epidemic. Dealing Coke to customers called "heavy users." Selling to teens in an attempt to hook them for life. Scientifically tweaking ratios of salt, sugar and fat to optimize consumer "bliss".  In Salt Sugar Fat, Moss details how those three ingredients became key to the success of processed and packaged foods - and how they are fueling the nationwide obesity epidemic.

With his keen journalistic eye and academic acumen, Moss is a quick-thinking, riveting and compelling speaker who challenges his audiences to question the quality and future of their food and empowers them with knowledge.  Moss has appeared on Charlie Rose, The Daily Show and NPR's All Things Considered.  His work has been published in The Wall Street Journal, New York Newsday and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

 Moss will be speaking at the Opening Plenary on June 18, 2013.


Keynote Speaker: Marion Nestle
We're delighted to announce Marion Nestle will be a keynote speaker at the Conference this year!
A consumer activist, nutritionist, award-winning author, and academic , Professor Nestle specializes in the politics of food and dietary choice. Her research examines scientific, economic, and social influences on food choice and obesity, with an emphasis on the role of food marketing. Her books explore issues like the effects of food production on food safety, our environment, access to food and nutrition.
Prof. Nestle is the author of Food Politics: How the Food Industry Influences Nutrition and Health and, with Malden Nesheim, Why Calories Count: From Science to Politics.   She blogs at www.foodpolitics.com and tweets @marionnestle.  Connect with Marion online, and then come hear her speak in person at the Conference!

Special Offers

To view a larger version of the flyer in PDF format, please click on the photo.

Conference attendees:  To help you get your daily dose of physical activity, the Bike Station (1 block from the Convention center) is offering bike rentals at designated times before and after the conference.

Show your conference badge and get a bike (helmets, bicycle locks included) for the special rate of $5/hour in the mornings (6-8am Tues-Thurs) and evening (5-7pm Wed).  The first 10 people showing up to rent a bike during each of those times will get the 1st hour for free! Credit card deposit is required.

Bike maps will be provided (several featured rides are mapped out here) and the helpful Bike Station staff will be ready with tips and pointers to help keep your bike session fun and safe.   So grab a few of your friends and colleagues and explore this exciting area on bike!  See why Long beach is considered one of the most bike-friendly communities in the US! 

Pre-Conference Session Highlights 

The following pre-conference sessions will take place on Monday, June 17, 2013.  Sign up for your selected session when you register for the conference. If you have already registered but would like to sign up, please call Laura Cortez at (916) 278-5488 .....

Long Beach by Bike Tour - 1:00-5:00pm

This popular tour is an easy, scenic eight-mile loop through the city's progressive bike infrastructure that gives a "hands on" experience of what is possible. Experience the new state-of-the art Bikestation, separated bike lanes in downtown Long Beach, a cruise along the beach path, the famous green "sharrows" (lane markings indicating that bicycles and motor vehicles share the lane) in Belmont Shore and more.

This tour accommodates all levels of fitness, cycling skills and comfort levels.  The tour will be led by Charlie Gandy, Long Beach's charismatic and enthusiastic Mobility Coordinator. Charlie is a nationally recognized expert in community design, trail planning, and bicycle and pedestrian advocate. For questions, you may reach Charles Gandy at [email protected].

Heal Zones Tour - 1:00-5:00pm

Interested in learning about how community partnerships have led to healthier corner stores? Want to learn more about creating more inviting spaces for physical activity?  Join us on this mobile tour through the city of Long Beach to see community changes in action!

Visit the Building Healthy Communities  site and HEAL Zone locations where community residents are working with the city, community-based organizations and elected officials to enact policy changes that promote healthy eating and active living.

Hosted by Kaiser Permanente. For more information, please contact Andrea Azuma (626)405-5572.



The Growing Experience Urban Farm Tour - 1:00-5:00pm


Enjoy a walking tour of The Growing Experience's 7-acre urban farm and community garden! Take a short bus ride to the farm and learn about the farm's community supported agriculture (CSA) program, Farmers' Market, and Urban Agriculture Training Program. Participants will receive a brief Master Food Preserver demonstration from the University of California Cooperative Extension and sample healthy dishes prepared by local chef(s) featuring produce grown in the farm. The tour will also include information and presentations from other local farms and community nutrition programs.


Hosted by City of Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services and The Growing Experience: Urban Farm and Market . For more information, please contact Lara Turnbull at (562) 570-4294.


Raising Self-Esteem through Creative Fitness Activities - 1:00-5:00pm

The biggest challenge facing well-intentioned instructors regarding getting children moving is lack of resources. "I would love to get my children moving, but I don't even know where to start!"


This workshop directly addresses this challenge and provides the tools to integrate physical activity immediately. The fear will quickly dissipate, and a newfound confidence in teaching physical activity will emerge! You will want to participate, so make sure you come comfortably dressed to move!


This workshop is hosted by Skillastics. For more information please contact Sandy Slade, [email protected], or (951) 279-3476.

You can enroll in this workshop when you register for the conference. Already registered but want to sign up?  Call Laura Cortez at 916-278-5488 .. 



Introduction to Practical Evaluation -  9:00am-12:00pm


Is evaluation scary? Do logic models just look like a bunch of confusing boxes on a page? Do you need practical skills in evaluating your public health initiatives? If you answered YES to any of these questions, the Introduction to Practical Evaluation workshop is for you. In this training you will learn the nuts and bolts of evaluation, discover the power of logic models and learn practical approaches to evaluating your policy and environmental change interventions. Specifically, we will discuss and explore:

  • different types of evaluation,
  • the steps involved in implementing an evaluation,
  • the importance and role of stakeholders in evaluation,
  • how to create and use a logic model (for a specific intervention addressing healthy eating, active living, or breastfeeding), and
  • how practice-based evaluation helps build the evidence base for policy and environmental change interventions to prevent obesity.
Already have the nuts and bolts?  Consider taking Evaluation 201!  Learn more about it here.  Both workshops are hosted by UNC's Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention/Center for Training and Research Translation (TRT).  For more information, please contact Abby Lowe at [email protected].

Schools/Community Collaboration: Focal Point for Obesity Prevention - 12:00-4:00pm

Join us for this interactive workshop designed to sharpen your collaboration skills!  Meet the California Local School Wellness Policy Collaborative, and learn how to develop successful school-community partnerships that focus on obesity prevention. 

You will come away with resources including sample presentations and implementation plans, nutrition action plans, research-based strategies for local health departments and schools to work together, and sample policy language as well as tip sheets for working with diverse partners.

This session is sponsored by the California Department of Education, Dairy Council of California, and California Action for Healthy Kids in partnership with the California Local School Wellness Policy Collaborative. For questions, contact Heather Reed at [email protected]


Training Tools for Healthy Schools: Promoting Health and Academic Success - 9:00-4:00pm

Do you work with schools to reduce youth obesity? This is an all-day workshop that will prepare you to help improve school health policies, programs and curricula!

CDC experts will use a combination of discussions, presentations and small-group activities to help participants learn and apply two key CDC school health resources. Learn how to implement nine science-based guidelines from the School Health Guidelines to Promote Healthy Eating and Physical Activity. In addition, get hands-on experience usingt the School Health Index to assess health policies and practices in schools.

Hosted by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  For questions, contact Allison Nihiser at [email protected]